Game contest form Maje x GRLSWIRL


Las updated : Janvier 2023

Article 1 : Generalinformation

Maje (hereinafter the "Organizing Company"), a société par actions simplifiéewith a capital of 100,000 Euros, registered with the RCS 382 544 310, whose head office is located at 2 Rue de Marengo, 75 001 Paris, France, is organizing a free game under the condition of purchase (see Terms and Conditions of Participation hereinafter), on its websites (the list of which is specified in article 2. 1 below), in all its stores (branches, corners in department stores, affiliates and outlets), located in Metropolitan France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Swedenand the United States(hereinafter the "Territory"), entitled "SS23 Game", from January 19, 2023, starting at 9:00 a.m. Paris time, to January 29, 2023, until 11:59 p.m. Paris time (hereinafter the "Game")

Article 2 : Conditions of participation in the Game

2.1 Access to the Game

The Game is accessible in the Territory :

The Game is open exclusively to natural persons of legal age and residents of the Territory (hereinafter the "Participants"). Persons from companies that have participated directly or indirectly in the organization or execution of the Gameas well as their families are excluded. The Organizing Body may carry out all necessary verifications in order to check compliance with the conditions of participation of Participants. Any Participant who does not meet these conditions or who refuses to justify them will be excluded from the Gameand, in the event of winning, will not be entitled to the prize.
Only one participation to the Game (same name, same email address) is allowed. Any attempt at multiple entries will result in permanent exclusion from the Game.

Participation in the Game implies unconditional acceptance of these rules. In the event of any discrepancy in interpretation between these rules and the commercial or presentation documents of the Game, these rules shall take precedence.

2.2 Methodsof participation

To participate in the Game, the Participant has several possibilities :

  • Go tothe Boutiques and scan the QR code available on the paper coupon that will be offered tothe Participant onlyif she/he makes a purchase ofone or more Maje products from the Spring-Summer 2023 collection (or Spring-Summer 2022 for the outlets), with nominimum amount (it being specified that it can be a cumulative ticket of a purchase of a product from the Spring-Summer 2023 collection and another collection) ;
  • Go to the Sites and click on the insert available on her/hisonline order confirmation page following a purchase of a Maje product, all collections included, whether the product is discounted or not, and with no minimum amount.

By scanning the QR code on the coupon given in the Boutiques or by clicking on the link available on her/his online order confirmation on the Sites, the Participant will have access to the Gameparticipation form which she/he must complete in order to validate her/his participation. They must fill in their title, last name, first name, telephone number and email address. It is specified that the Participant will be automatically offered the form in the following languages: French in France and Belgium, German in Germany, Spanishin Spain and English in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlandsand the United States. In the event of failure to comply with these participation procedures, the Participant's participation in the Gamewill be declared null and void.

To participate in the Gamein Boutiques, it is essential to have a smartphone with Internet access, a camera to scan the QR code and a valid email address. To participate on the Sites, it is essential to have Internet access and a valid email address.

Only one participation is allowed in the sense that the Participant can play only once during the duration of the Game, between January 19, 2023 and January 29, 2023, in the Territory.

Article 3: Prizes

3.1 Designation of Winners

At the end of the Game, the Organizing Body will draw 3 winners from all valid entries (hereinafter the "Winners"). Within 5 days following the date of the draw, scheduled for 02/03/2023, the Winners will be informed of their win by the Organizing Body by telephone only, and after oral confirmation during this call, will receive a confirmation by email from the Organizing Body.

They will each have a period of 2 days from the confirmation by email of the win to confirm their acceptance of the Prize andsend the information requested by return email and/or by any other means indicated in the announcement of the win. If they fail to do so, or if the information they provide is incorrect (in particular, an invalid or inaccurate email address), they will be considered to have renounced their prize. The prize will not be awarded to them,and it cannot be claimed later under any circumstances. In the event that a computer bug causes several messages announcing the prize to be delivered by mistake to one and the same recipient, said recipient will be deemed to have won the prize only once.

3.2 Prizes

There are three prizes to be won as follows :

  • The first Winner drawn at random wins the "Travel Prize", namely
    • - A trip for 2 people for 6 days and 5 nights on a direct flight to Los Angeles from an airport selected by the Organizing Body with 1 checked bag/pax;
    • - Possible only during the following periods: March, June and September 2023
    • - Accommodation in a 4* hotel for 2 people in Los Angeles (including breakfast)
    • - 1 Maje x Carver skateboard and a sticker board
    • - Transportation costs between the Winner's home address and the pick-up location for the trip to the destination will be the sole responsibility of the Winners without any reimbursement or compensation being required from the Organizing Company.
  • The second and third Winners drawn at random will each win the "Skateboard Prize", i.e., 1 Maje x Carver skateboard and a sticker board.

The Organizing Body may, in the event of the occurrence of an event beyond its control, in particular related to its suppliers or to unforeseeable circumstances, replace the announced Prize with a Prize of equivalent value. The Winners will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.
The Winners will not be able to demand from the Organizing Company that another object or another service of any value, or even cash, be given to them in exchange for the Prize. If the Winners are unwilling or unable to take possession of their Prize, they will not be entitled to any compensation. Finally, the Winners will not be able to transfer their Prize.

Article 4: Personal data

The information relating to the Participants is collected and used by the Organizing Body in particular in the context of theGame, the management of the Winners, the delivery of the Prize and to meet legal and regulatory obligations. In accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data, Participants have the right to access, oppose, rectify and delete their data at any time by sending a letter to MAJE SAS, Customer Service -RGPD, 2 rue de Marengo, 75001 Paris. Participants who exercise their right of deletion before the end of the Game will be deemed to have renounced their participation..

Article 5: Intellectual Property

The reproduction, representation or exploitation of all or part of the elements making up the Game, including these Gameterms and conditions, are strictly prohibited. The trademarks, logos, texts, images, videos and other distinctive signs reproduced by the Organizing Body are the exclusive property of their owners and are protected as such by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code for the entire world. Any unauthorized reproduction, whether total or partial, of these brands, logos and signs constitutes an infringement liable to criminal penalties.

Article 6: Force majeure

The Organizing Body shall not be held responsibleand no recourse may be taken against it in the event of the occurrence of events that are considered to be force majeure (strikes, bad weather, pandemic, etc.), which would partially or totally deprive the Winners of the opportunity to participate in the Gameand/or deprive them of the benefit of their Prize.
No postponement is foreseen except for natural disasters in the country of destination or travel restrictions imposed by the government of the country of destination and/or departure.

Article 7: Liability

The liability of the Organizing Body is strictly limited to the delivery of the validly won Prize. The Organizing Body declines all responsibility for any incidents, accidents or other inconveniences that may occur during the enjoyment of the Prize awarded and/or as a result of its use.

The Organizing Body cannot be held responsible, without this list being restrictive :

  • the transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet ;
  • any malfunction of the Internet network preventing the proper conduct/functioning of the Game;
  • failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines ;
  • loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, loss of any data ;
  • the operation of any software required for the game contest;
  • the consequences of any virus, computer bug, anomaly, technical failure ;
  • any damage caused to a Participant's computer;
  • any technical, hardware or software failure of any kind that prevents orlimits the ability to participate in the Gameor damages a Player's system.

It is specified that the Organizing Body may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage following an interruption, malfunction of any kind, suspension or termination ofthe Game, for any reason whatsoever, or for any direct or indirect damage resulting in any way from a connection to the Site. It is the responsibility of each Participant to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her own data and/or software stored on his or her computer equipment against any attack. The connection of any person to the Site and their participation in the Game is done under their entire responsibility.

Article 8: Fraud

The Organizing Body may cancel all or part of the Gameif it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, in particular in a computerized manner in the context of participation in the Game. In this case, it reserves the right not to award the Prize to the fraudsters.

Article 9: Dispute and applicable law

These rules are governed by French law. Any claim must be sent by mail to the Organizing Company's customer service within 15days following the end date of the Game at the following address MAJE -Customer Service, 2 rue de Marengo, 75 001 Paris. After this date, no claim will be accepted.
Except in the case of obvious errors, it is agreed that the information resulting from the Organizing Body's game systems hasevidentiary force in any dispute as to the connection elements and the computer processing of said information relating to the Game. In the event of persistent disagreement concerning the application and/or interpretation of these rules, and in the absenceof an amicable agreement, any dispute shall be submitted to the competent court.